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Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how you can stay on top of the game by using AI to improve process efficiency and save operational costs.

AI has strong impacts on every single sector, but SMEs still know very little about the limitless applications and benefits of it and do not fully understand the scale of its value for the business.

Do not miss the big chance to improve your performances, optimize your business processes, enhance strategic KPIs, and steady your competitive advantage. Discover the benefits of AI.

Sales Forecast

How extraordinary would it be to predict if and when customers make their next purchase? Sales forecasting is one of the most critical factors for business growth, but traditional methods are lacking in rigor, often inaccurate, under-optimistic, and highly judgemental. AI can drastically boost the accuracy of sales provisions with a direct impact on revenues and growth; by combining historical selling, pricing, and promotion data into a single machine learning model.

Lead Scoring

Knowing the propensity of a customer to churn versus renew is absolutely invaluable for any company. Very often sales teams fall into the trap of making lead scoring decisions based on misleading buying signals, inaccurate information, or gut impulses. AI has the ability to read through a huge volume of real-time and historical data, as well as demographic, firmographic, and technographic factors as well as qualify the prospects, identify the strongest and most lucrative leads, as well as boost lead generation and close rate. AI is definitely a great deal for salespeople.

Marketing Campaign

AI is the next “big thing” for Marketing and it is going to be a revolution that changes marketing strategies, business models, and customer behavior.  The goal of AI is not to replace marketers, but to empower them with an amazing weapon. From highly personalized messages to content management, from dynamic web sites to landing pages, from predictive analytics to product recommendations, from social listening to sentiment analysis, the key point is always the same: using data to predict the future in the next step towards the future for any marketing-oriented company.

Custom Prices & Offers

Defining a price or delivering a promotional offer are the areas where Sales and Marketing teams learn what to do through trial and error. AI is able to analyze pricing data, purchasing history, discounts, and promotions, while calculating the price elasticity for a given customer, tailoring discounts to move opportunities forward, and optimizing prices and promotions for the specific cluster of clients or even for single clients, based on previous successes.

E-Commerce Empowerment

AI is developing a growing power in the world of Online Shopping. Many E-Commerce businesses are already using AI to better understand and profile their customers, generate new leads, provide memorable customer experience, create a more efficient sales process, create a customer-centric search, retarget potential clients and recover abandoned carts. It also helps to generate a new level of personalization across multiple devices, activates intelligent chatbot systems into the shopping cart, implements virtual assistants, improves recommendations for customers, monitors competitors’ product assortment, and tackles fake reviews.

Customer Care

Customer service is a top focus for any business and it plays a critical role when it comes to brand loyalty. Keeping existing customers happy is a must considering that 89% of clients switch to competitors exactly because of bad customer service. AI chatbots can provide 24/7 useful help, in different languages, in a polite way, making no errors, with the specific aim of helping the client to find a product or to solve a problem by providing and gathering information through a direct conversation. AI can also help in ticket classification to better understand why a client is writing and interpret the text sentiment to manage simple troubleshooting or to prevent potential crises.

Production Efficiency

AI is proving to be a game-changer for manufacturers with heavy assets. AI’s ability to preserve, improve, and standardize knowledge, is an invaluable support to the actual supervisory control systems still depending on the experience, intuition, and judgement of human operators. This is why it is employed across several lines and layers of operations such as predictive maintenance of critical industrial equipment, asset malfunction prediction, product quality analysis and improvement, raw material and energy purchase forecast, and consumption optimization.

Supply Chain & Logistics Performances

Artificial intelligence has started to impact the logistics industry, along with the supply chain. AI can optimize logistics processes, facilitate reverse logistics, automate routine tasks and time-consuming actions, improve speed and accuracy of stocking, picking, handling and inventory, enhance resource allocation, improve supplier selection, recognize products for shipment sorting, find the quickest shipment route, reduce operational and transportation costs.

HR Performances

AI is not the enemy of HR. On the contrary, it is pushing humans and machines closer together, making HR more human while reducing the human bias in the critical processes of Talent recruiting, Skill matching, and Career evolution. AI can perform mundane and repetitive tasks, allowing professionals to focus on more important work or move to highly skilled jobs. Assigning routine activities to AI will free up store workers to engage in more meaningful activities, will give salespeople the chance to focus on closing deals, which will give customer service employees the chance to handle more complex cases.

Accounting Automation

AI is making a serious mark on the world of accounting and finance and raising the bar in terms of productivity, efficiency, precision, as well as time and cost-saving in document management. The most common applications are automating classification and processing, data extraction, clustering documents, supporting content and document development, securing documents and data.

AI is also revolutionizing the finance sector to significantly improve financial data analysis, risk analysis automation, and representation with dynamic dashboards.

Administrative Tasks

Automation and efficiency in administrative tasks may be assured by implementing processes and text mining operations. Imagine being able to classify your documents in an automatic way and help operators to research and find the right documents and information while reducing the time usually needed.

Cloud Adoption

Data is priceless as it represents the main asset of a company. If you are wondering where to start from in leveraging digital innovation through ML and AI, here are the foundations: cloud and data. For this reason, at, we help you address your journey to cloud by assessing infrastructure, applications, and data, selecting the right services to be migrated according to business needs, defining the best migration strategies, plans and execution tasks while granting zero lock-in towards cloud vendors.


Artificial Intelligence can be extremely helpful in analyzing massive quantities of risk data so that corporate security operations analysts can stay ahead of threats. AI technologies, such as machine learning and natural language processing, enable security professionals to respond to threats with greater confidence and speed, predicting events by analyzing behavioural data: access logs, web and mobile analytics, data coming from every kind of “sensors”, including photos and video camera streams can be used to recognize patterns and analyze risks to enforce business processes in the security field, such as: fraud detection, intrusion detection, risk scoring and assessment, user/machine behavioural analysis, data protection and compliance.

Curating threat intelligence from millions of research papers, blogs and news stories, AI provides real-time (or near real-time) insights to help companies fight through the noise of thousands of alerts, drastically reducing response times.

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